St Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day commemorates St Valentine, right? But we don’t know for sure which Valentine or exactly why. And why does the heart shape equate with romantic love?


In early historical times, the heart was thought to be the seat of intelligence, emotion, and reason. The essence of what makes us human. The heart symbol also has been used for centuries to indicate romantic love. The reason is lost in time and the symbol itself has little resemblance to an actual heart.

Whatever the origin, the Victorians loved the idea of romantic love and its hold on the heart. Postals (postcards) became very popular in this period and Valentine’s Day became the time to express this affection.


We continue to send gifts to our love at this time. They may be edible, smell lovely, or may be tokens to be worn or to be admired on the dressing table.


Update: Tiffany necklace has been sold.

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