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Party time!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Planning on attending a holiday party at your workplace or in your social circle? Why not add a vintage piece of jewelry? Pearls are the classic addition to dress up an outfit.

My mother was very active in charity groups and they always had a holiday dance. Back in those days we wore very, very full skirts with net crinolines that itched when you sat down! And, of course, the pearls. And elbow-length gloves. And girdles!

Nowadays, you probably will not wear the gloves and girdle and you are looking for jewelry with a little more pizzazz. Rhinestones are great for accenting the little black dress. Pins and brooches are versatile and can be worn on a dress, attach a scarf, or large ones can even be pinned to a coat. Show your bling this holiday season!

Ready for the Holidays?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

It’s not too early to start thinking about your holiday festivities and decorations. This year, a new addition to your table may bring back memories of good times past.

Candles always give a nice warm look to the food and cobalt glass candlesticks with silver overlay can add a nice touch of color and elegance.  This style was very popular from about 1895 through the 1920s. These pieces were considered special and used on the holiday table or in decorating the house.

Serving a cake or cookies for dessert? An unusual serving piece enhances home made or bakery goodies. In Victorian homes during the holidays there was always a lovely plate of cookies or cake and a decanter of sherry on the dining room table or sideboard for drop-in guests.

Even though our homes are less formal than the early 20th century, holidays often bring out the silver and formal china. A few silver highlights can make a table lovely (especially if they are reflecting the warm candlelight). Nut dishes typically graced the Victorian table so that the guest was able to snack between the many courses.

Elaborate table settings are no longer a tradition in most homes. But, for special occasions, we should bring out the seldom used pieces that take us back to our memories and our family traditions.

Roosters are popular

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Personally, I don’t understand the popularity of roosters. Roosters on plates; roosters on fabric; roosters on jewelry; roosters on napkins. Brass roosters; ceramic roosters; wooden roosters; glass roosters.  But I can’t ignore the sheer numbers and variety of rooster-themed collectibles.

In my childhood home a pair of brass roosters sat on the bottom of a table in the front hall. The tail feathers had very sharp edges (now, how would I know that?) There were also a couple of milk glass plates in the kitchen with roosters. Roosters evoke a country house feel and can be colorful and cheery.

Rooster themed linens were very popular in the mid-20th century. We have seen white-on white embroidered rooster cocktail napkins and full-color rooster-decorated tablecloths. The roosters I like best are on breakfast or luncheon sets that have varied decorations. Do any of our readers have favorite roosters?

Update: rooster plates have been sold.